James Benjamin Bell Jr, CLTC®

Financial Advisor

Helping You Align Your Actions With Your Values

Planning for Your Future

 “If you don’t know where you’re going, you’ll end up some place else.” --- Yogi Berra  

As we grow older, we often dream more of what life will look like once we have reached enough financial security to spend each day doing what we truly value most.   

While many desire financial security, it can be challenging committing to the necessary time required to PLAN for it. Some people are doing better than they think. Some need improvement. The impact of not knowing where you stand in relation to your goals however, could not only impact your own life, but also the countless lives of people who depend on and love you.

My team and I are committed to educating and inspiring you to achieve financial security and peace of mind for you and generations to come, without compromising the things you want to do today.

We will help:

  • Clarify your core values and prioritize your goals 
  • Create a customized written plan to guide financial decision making
  • Provide you access to Northwestern Mutual’s elite product line  
  • Stay in touch to help you update your planning as you, your family, or your business grows

We are uniquely designed and specialize in meeting the planning needs of business owners as well as medical, information technology and engineering professionals.  

To start we will need a commitment of time. We invite you to an introductory meeting or phone call! 

Yours In Service,

James "JB" Bell




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If you live for it, we’ll help you plan for it.

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